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Water pump seal to suit all original-type water pumps on standard 2002s and also 2002 Tii.

Tii water pumps are becoming difficult to find and extremely expensive, and some of the cheap water pumps on the market are built with bearings and seals that just don’t last. If your water pump bearing is still smooth but the seal no longer keeps your oil and water separated, these locally sourced water pump seals are a great way to give a new lease of life to your original BMW water pump.

Please note: The seal in a 2002 water pump fits differently to traditional water pump seals, and are an interference fit on the bearing shaft. A stepped tool is required to press the inner and outer parts of the seal onto the shaft at the same time, otherwise the seal will separate on installation. A short run of installation tools will become available shortly, and in the meantime, for local customers, we are offering free installation of our seals.


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